Can Dogs Eat Egg Drop Soup

Winter season is here and what better meal can you have than a hot and warm soup. At such cold weather, soup gives a nice and warm hug to your stomach.

Just like humans love consuming soup let that be summer or winter, similarly, dogs love to consume soup whenever winter arrives.

There is a famous Chinese soup that both humans and dogs can eat without further doubts is the egg drop soup. It is equally healthy and also tasty.

Just whisk the egg and drop it in the warm and boiling water, add some spices and voila! However, can dogs actually eat egg drop soup without facing any stomach complications?

Is it good for dogs to consume egg drop soup?

To answer this in short and brief, it is sort of in the middle of the road. Here is the thing. If the egg drop soup is made with only the eggs and water, then it is absolutely safe and tasty for dogs to eat.

Not that the seasonings and herbs are absolutely harmful for dogs to consume, but there are certain ingredients that are straight up banned for dogs to eat, even if it is in the form of powdered or paste.

Here are the ingredients that are added to the soup which can literally play with your dog’s stomach.

Onions and garlics; onions and garlics are a part of alliums and if any part of those alliums enter the dog’s stomach, massive complications might take place.

Even if it is the leaves, flesh, skin, or the root vegetable itself. This can be a poisonous meal for the dogs.

Salt and pepper; you must be wondering why salt and pepper is prohibited for dogs to consume?

Here is the thing, sodium is a natural element that the dogs need to keep them healthy and also strong, so is the black and white pepper.

However, keep this in mind that too much of everything can destroy a body organ.

If you are a fan of salt and pepper, and your consumption level is higher than others, please make sure to make a different plate for your meal and avoid sharing your high salt and pepper dish with your dog.

Cornstarch; cornstarch is something that might be an allergic ingredient to dogs. Some dogs might consume cornstarch without any hesitations, but most dogs cannot digest cornstarch and hence the complications might take place.

Final words

Egg drop soup is a famous dish that both dogs and humans can consume, but you have to keep this in mind that some ingredients can be harmful for dogs if added to the soup.

Hence, make sure about the ingredients used in the soup, and if necessary, try to make the soup with different ingredients for your dog.

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