Calories in a Baked Potato with Butter

Baked potato with butter is quick to cook yet a healthy side dish to enjoy whenever desired. However, you should be aware of the calories in a baked potato with butter particularly if you want to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

Read on to understand the calorie count in various size baked potatoes with various topping options as well as some health benefits.

Calories in a Baked Potato with Butter

Calories in baked potato vary depending on the ingredient used to top it with and the amount of baked potato itself. In general, a huge number of options are available for nutritious toppings to increase protein intake along with minerals, vitamins, and fiber.

Some people also prefer to add broccoli, Greek yogurt, and chives to get substantial nutrition while some add cheddar cheese, bacon, and sour cream to get more saturated fat and sodium as well as calcium, protein, and other nutrients.

Typically a plain baked potato contains around 164 calories. Below are some baked potatoes with various topping nutrients with approximate calories

Various Sizes of Baked Potato with Approximate Calories

Various Size Baked Potatoes with Butter and Approximate Calories

Various Size Baked Potatoes with Butter and Approximate Calories

Health Benefits of Baked Potatoes

The key benefit of eating baked potato is to increase the choline in the body while reducing inflammation. The other health benefits include


Baked potatoes contain a high amount of fiber and they help with the digestion process. this high-fiber meal also helps with constipation and diarrhea.

So if you have digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, eating a baked potato will be beneficial for you particularly for controlling its signs and adjusting digestion.

Weight Control

Baked potatoes also include a good amount of fiber which helps with digestion while its vitamin B6 helps to break down carbs while improving metabolism. It’s an incredible combination for people who want to lose or maintain weight.

Heart Health

Almost around 1/3 of Americans suffer from high cholesterol which increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. Naturally, baked potatoes contain low-fat and its low cholesterol food.

The baked potato is also filled with potassium which can reduce the risks of heart disease.

In addition, baked potatoes are dense in nutrients and have much more potassium than a banana. Though baked potatoes are rich in carbs, it’s not much higher than starchy staples like rice and pasta.

As a result, a diabetic can also eat a small amount of baked potato.

Final Words

Hope you understand how many caloroies in a baked potato with butter. As you can see calorie count in baked potato varies largely, making it tricky to maintain a balanced diet plan while adding this food.

So keep your eyes on the chart to maintain a perfect diet chart while enjoying baked potatoes without hurting your health.

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